Growing TipsHow to prepare my soil for cannabis plants?

February 12, 2019by NutriNPK

Preparing your soil.

All growers have their preferences, but here are some general guidelines that should help you prepare the ideal potting condition for cannabis cultivation.


  • If you can, get a professional mix such as Agromix G6, or Promix.
  • The advantage of using a premixed growing medium such as Agromix G6,
    is that it already contains micronutrients.
  • Only having Promix or regular potting soil available ?
    No problem, you can add most micronutrients trough sheep manure.
    You can use up to 1/3 of sheep manure for the total volume in your soil preparation.
  • Add some perlite if you have a dry soil. perlite will help retain water and aerate the potting soil.
    Vermiculite can also be used if you worry about alkalinity of your soil. (Perlite being more alkaline)
  • Well, if you have a tool to test your soil PH, us it.
    Aim for a PH between 6 and 6.7. It is the ideal sweet spot.
    Micronutrients are more readily available and soluble at this average PH.
  • Add Calcium to your soil.
    Using dolomite lime in your mix will ensure plenty of calcium is available
    And will slightly reduce the soil PH, this is especially useful if you used sheep manure.

You can find Agromix at most hydroponic specialty store.


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