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CannabisGet rid of those pesky slugs and snails

March 22, 2019by NutriNPK

Outdoor growing is wonderful but can be hazardous.
One of your worst enemy could those pesky slug or snails out there.

Protect your garden and your precious plants from those leafs hungry pests.
Win the fight against slugs and snails today!

How do i get rid of slugs?

The ecological way

  • Not only this method is inexpensive, it’s quite efficient
  • Just collect the leftover egg shells for some time, whenever using eggs in the kitchen
  • Crush the eggshells into small pieces
  • spread around the stem at the base of your plants
  • Slugs will still go after your plants, but they will get ripped out and cut while crawling towards the plant
  • A little violent you could say, but don’t worry, this happens very slowly!
    Considering all the damages they can potentially do, we all can live with this.

Using a commercial snail and slug killers

This method is quite effective, but a bit more expensive.

  • Buy those pellets, which literally dehydrates the slugs when they eat them
  • My favorites are: Scott’s EcoSense Slug B Gon or Safer’s Slug & Snail
  • Both these brands have worked wonders in my outdoor gardens and pots
  • They both says they’re safe :
    Safer’s Slug & Snail are saying that it will not harm children, pets, birds or wildlife
    Slug B Gon Says it’s even suitable for use in vegetable and flower gardens

All in all, you are better looking out proactively for those pesky snails and slugs. They can cause heavy damage to young plants and their leaves beyond recovery. I have seen seedlings and young plants completely eaten by those leaf hungry gastropod molluscs.

Happy pests free growing !

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