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Welcome to NutriNPK!
We make high performance fertilizers tailored for cannabis cultivation.
Give your “exotic plants“ the nutrients they need
From vegetative growth to flowering, our selection of water soluble fertilizers will maximize your plant yields to their full potential
The MJ Series line of fertilizers
The new generation of fertilizers, tailored specifically for the cannabis plant. Try our high performance “next gen“ nutrients for all your growing needs
Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are the essentials Macro-nutrients. It’s easy enough to say, but the key relies on using the right ratios during the various growth phases.
Grow better weed for less
Best value on the market for growing high quality and professional grade weed. The lowest price for quality fertilizers available online

Our selection of products

Our products are granular water soluble fertilizers. We don’t ship liquid fertilizers, And we use Eco-friendly packaging whenever possible. Lighter packaging and less plastics means a greener environment.

Helps Root Development
Promotes Faster and Taller Growth
Eco-Friendly Packaging
PK Booster (high phosphorus and potassium)
Promotes Bigger Buds Sites
Promotes a Faster Activation of the Flowering Period
Thicker, Heavier and Bigger Buds
Juicier and More Potent Buds
Helps Stimulate Oily Trichomes Production
Nutri NPK Cannabis Fertilizers

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