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Outdoor growing is wonderful but can be hazardous. One of your worst enemy could those pesky slug or snails out there. Protect your garden and your precious plants from those leafs hungry pests. Win the fight against slugs and snails today! How do i get rid of slugs? The ecological way Not only this method...

Preparing your soil All growers have their preferences, but here are some general guidelines that should help you prepare the ideal potting condition for cannabis cultivation.   Always use a rich soil mix.  If you can, you get a professional mix such as Promix. NutriNPK’s GROW fertilizer already contains all the necessary micronutrients for your cannabis...

The Cannabis plant is a calcium lover. Of course, this could all depends on the specific strain your are growing. However as a good rule of thumb, most weed growers will suggest to add a supplement of calcium to their soil growing medium. Simple enough, but: How to add calcium to my soil ? Use...

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