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Growing TipsHow to recognize the first signs of flowering in cannabis ?

August 29, 2019by NutriNPK

It’s time to switch to a flowering fertilizer

When the cannabis plant leaves vegetative growth and  goes into flowering mode, you have to switch to a different fertilizer in order to maximize and help your plant achieving its full potential.

Of course, the triggers for that event can be controlled when you grow indoor, because it’ usually is just a matter of switching your lights to a 12 hours darkness, and 12 hours of artificial light. But in real nature, knowing when to recognize when the flowering phase really starts can be tricky. Knowing when to spot this will give you the edge over simply guessing this, and will help ensure you are feeding the appropriate fertilizer.

Now, since each cannabis strains are different, this usually can happen anytime between mid-August to end of September.  For auto-flowering strains, it’s a complete different story.

How to recognize the flowering period ?

Signs to look for when the flowering period begins:
  • Just prior to the flowering phase, plants plant will go on a growth spree, called the “stretching”.  (2 weeks of stretching,  sometimes up to  2 inches a day!)
  • Right after the stretching phase, you’ll see the first white hairs (called pistils) at the base of each upper nodes. (See pic. 1). Those are the “pre-flowers“.
  • Pre-flowers will start to appear between each nodes, where branches are splitting on the plant (See pic. 2).
  • After 3 to 4 days, it will be more obvious as those first pistils will be more visible as they increase in size.

When this occurs, you will need to change the nutrients and feed your cannabis with a bloom booster for the first two weeks in order to kick-start the flowering and help your plants producing more and stronger bud sites to prepare for the flowering phase. After those two weeks, you will want to change again for a specially formulated fertilizer that helps at producing bigger buds.


Pre-Flowers at week #1
pic 1. – Pre-Flowers at week #1


Pre-Flowers within nodes
Pic 2. – Pre-Flowers within nodes, at week#1






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