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Growing TipsAdd calcium to your soil

January 18, 2019by NutriNPK

The Cannabis plant is a calcium lover. Of course, this could all depends on the specific strain your are growing.
However as a good rule of thumb, most weed growers will suggest to add a supplement of calcium to their soil growing medium.

Simple enough, but:

How to add calcium to my soil ?
  • Use easily available dolomitic lime (also called dolomite lime). It can easily be found in most hardware stores.
  • Always make sure you use a rich soil mix (Such as ProMix or AgroMix) containing micro-nutrients.
  • Mix approximately half a cup (1/2) of dolomite lime for about 5 gallons of soil.
  • Blend and mix thoroughly

Note: by using our NPK Mix kit,  you do not have to worry about calcium or magnesium deficiencies, as it is provided with our CALMAG fertilizer, an ideal 2:1 ratio calcium and magnesium nutrient supplement for cannabis cultivation.







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